Address from the Chairman

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   Tatung (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Chedun in 1998 and the headquarter was established in 1918 in Taiwan with 100 years so far. Under the supporting from local government in Chedun Town, Tatung (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures energy-saving products such as high efficiency motor, amorphous transformer etc. and awarded various of honorary title and patents such as Shanghai Famous Brand, energy-saving and emission reduction etc. Excellent quality and stable labor are our advantages, but high cost and low profit are gradually becoming great challenges the motor industry are facing. Despite of many difficulties, we still try our to overcome mountains of difficulties, to expand R&D team, to produce safely, to take care of employees, to dedicate love to the local and to attend activities of love held by Chedun government. Labor is stable with local employees occupies 70%. Tatung (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has abided by its founding values of “ integrity, Honesty, Industry, and Frugality” to become an excellent corporate citizen.